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Residential Property Claims

When damage occurs to an insured's home, their daily lives can be affected greatly. Our staff understands the need to restore the homeowner's property as quickly as possible. 

Customer service starts immediately upon receipt of the assignment.  The insured will be contacted immediately to be given the name and contact information of the adjuster that will be handling their claim.  The adjuster will make contact with the insured within 24 hours to set up an appointment to inspect their property.  Inspection of the damaged property will take place within 72 hours or at the insured's earliest convenience.  Our adjusters will provide the homeowner with a detailed scope of the damages at the conclusion of the inspection and will address any coverage issues with the insured at that time. 

In our years of experience we have found customers are more satisfied when they are kept in the loop and informed.  Our first report, which will include color photographs, reserve amounts, and a description of the cause of loss along with resulting damages will be provided within 10 days.  Estimates will be completed on the Xactimate Estimating Program using current price guides.  Once the claim has been approved by your office, at your request, we will provide copies of the estimate and review numbers and coverages with the insured.

The fin
al stage to restoring the insured and one of the most overlooked areas of providing customer service for the customer, deals with the repair / rebuild process.  Our staff can assist the insured in helping find a qualified contractor to complete the repairs.  In this stage our staff will address any discrepancies between the contractor's estimates and provide resolution to reconcile any differences.  In most instances, communication between all parties makes the difference between a customer being satisfied and them not. 

The end result, when an insured has a claim and you have provided exceptional customer service throughout their claims process, you do not have to worry about them switching to XYZ Insurance Company over a few dollar premium difference at the time of their renewal.

Commercial Property Claims

Commercial policies range from small mom and pop owned businesses to multimillion dollar highrise structures.  The commercial policies have just as much diversification as the range of commercial buildings insured.  The policies can be as simple as ACV policies with a-la-carte coverage to all risk policies with unlimited forms and endorsements.  All of our commercial adjusters have multiple years of adjusting experience along with commercial construction background knowledge.

When a loss occurs to a commercial property, it takes a dedicated commitment from all parties to restore the business back to its pre-loss condition as quickly as possible.  We ask that complete policies, including forms and endorsements, be sent to our office with the notice of the assignment.  This allows our team to get a glimpse of what they will be dealing with before they arrive at the loss.  When the adjuster is familiar with the coverages and can answer the insured's questions, the insured will usually feel more comfortable and secure with the company, their representative, and policy they have purchased. 

Our team will work hand in hand with contractors, engineers, and the policy holder when a loss occurs to get the business back up and operational as quickly as possible.   Our first report, which will include color photographs, reserve amounts, and a description of the cause of loss along with resulting damages will be provided within 10 days and subsequent reports will follow every 30 days.  All estimates and co-insurance calculations will be completed in the Xactimate Estimating Program and / or the Marshal Swift Boeckh Estimating Programs.

When a business loss interruption claim is sustained, most insureds feel that they are entitled to the full amount of revenue that was being generated before the loss.  At Stinson Adjusting Company, we have a dedicated and qualified team to handle these types of claims.  Our team includes attorneys, certified public accountants, and qualified commercial adjusters that work hand in hand with property owner and their staff to substantiate their claim.  Communication becomes a key factor in these types of claims.  Customer service and satisfaction can only be obtained when a team can effectively explain the differences between revenue, profit, ongoing expenses, and discontinued / suspended expenses as a result of their business loss interruption claim.
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