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Casualty Claims

Casualty claims, or more known as liability losses, can involve a claimant sustaining physical injury, property damage, and / or a monetary loss as a result of a policy holder's action or decision.  The most common casualty claims involve auto injuries, slip and falls, third party property damage, and / or dog bite claims.

Our casualty team understands the rigors of working third party claims.  In handling casualty claims, every minute detail in the field investigation process of the claim could mean the difference between an insured being liable for damages or the claimant having to file a claim with their own policy. 

Upon receipt of a casualty claim, our office will contact the insured immediately to notify them of the adjuster that will be handling their claim and we will provide them the adjuster's contact information.  The adjuster will contact both the insured and the claimant within 24 hours to set up an appointment, if necessary.  Statements will be obtained from all parties.  Our first report, which will include color photographs, reserve amounts, and a description of the cause of loss along with resulting damages will be provided within 10 days and subsequent reports will follow every 30 days.

When a casualty claim is filed against an insured, our dedicated team understands that it is our responsibility to obtain all the facts and details pertaining to the incident.   Detailed reports and thorough statements are a must.  Preparation time before obtaining statements is invaluable.  We try to put ourselves in the insured's shoes. 

We present this question to you:

If you are about to be sued, do you want your adjuster using a cookie cutter approach on your claim?  Our team will think both inside and outside of the box! 
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